Business Code


Person covered except for area being worked on. This is regarded as both professional and necessary to look after client’s comfort and modesty.


All clothes except underwear needs to be removed for a session to progress (except for a seated chair massage done through clothes. Women may remove the bra only if they are comfortable doing so. Remember that you are draped except for the area being worked on. Please note that underwear must be worn.


I take pride in being ready for your appointment at the agreed time, and appreciate the same from you. However, if you are late, your session may be shortened to accomodate following clients. For 30 minute appointments, I may have to reschedule.


Please be aware that any forgotten appointments or less than 24 hours notice of cancellation will incur the schedule appointment’s fee. I understand that illnesses/accidents/emergencies occur and are exempt of fees, but in any other circumstances where my services can’t be used by people on a waiting list, you will be billed. In many cases, we may have to wait 75 minutes for the next client. Note that this fee also applies if you come later on the same day as the missed appointment. This is due to either I having to alter my shift to suit you or to me missing out on a booking. I welcome any questions regarding this policy.


If you wish to claim your therapy with a health fund, please confirm that I am a registered provider for that health fund prior to your consultation. Please note that I do not take responsibility for a change of health fund or knowing whether your particular level of insurance covers remedial massage or for changes to a health fund’s rulings. It is also up to you to check my provider status.


If you require me to write a report or statement, a charge will usually be incurred for time spent. Do ask if you have any queries and we can provide you with the necessary information.

Bookings & Enquiries
Phone: 0419 126 886

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