index1Remedial massage has many benefits. It can reduce stress & fatigue, relieve spasms & headaches, ease sore muscles, improve your posture, helps the body to rid itself of toxins, increase flexibility and strengthen your immune system by reducing stress and improving your body’s circulation.
Jennifer has been massaging since 1998 and holds the following formal qualifications:

  • Therapeutic Massage Certificate – School of Integrated Body Therapy (1998)
  • D.R.M (Diploma Remedial Massage) – The School of Aromatic Medicine (2000)
  • D.R.M (Diploma Remedial Massage) – The School of Integrated Body Therapy (2019)
  • CERT IV in Natural Therapies – The School of Aromatic Medicine (2001)
  • ATMS accredited – ATMS Number 10959

Jennifer is experienced & fully qualified to treat you with the following methods:

  • index2REMEDIAL MASSAGE – designed to treat superficial and deep tissues of the body. Incorporating different techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue & Trigger Point therapy, remedial massage is responsible for releasing endorphins in to the body, relieving muscle tension and flushing the body of metabolic waste (ie: lactic acid).
  • AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE – a rhythmic and light massage using essential oils to resolve both physical and emotional problems.
  • LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE – light rhythmic strokes that follow the path of the lymphatic system used to help eliminate waste products from the body. Excellent if you’re going through a detox program or suffer from lymphatic or immune problems.
  • SWEDISH MASSAGE – concentrating on the superficial tissues using long strokes encouraging blood flow towards the heart.
  • TRIGGER POINT THERAPY – trigger points are small areas on the body usually found where nerves and muscles connect with one another. Pressure on these points relieves the tension. Used in conjunction with other methods. Great for managing chronic pain, headaches and injuries.
  • SPORTS MASSAGE – a sports massage incorporates techniques from other massage styles  that helps to provide a deep and rehabilitating process that manipulates the soft tissue to prevent injury, elevate muscle or tendon pain or rid the soft tissue of any stress.
  • PREGNANCY – great care needs to be taken with massage and pregnancy. There are trigger points capable of inducing labour. We have dedicated a whole page to this topic. 

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